two women running with their huskies on leashes

With so many dogs throughout the United States today being heavier than perhaps we’d like (according to many vets), we wanted to be sure we took steps to get the right kinds of foods to you to help.

closeup view of blueberries

Dogs need an instinctual diet, one that incorporates all the elements an omnivore, which they are too, requires to be healthy and to thrive.

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We did lots of research to understand the importance of a raw diet for them and were very eager to get them eating foods that would change their dynamic, their energy, their happiness. However, there was also something we noticed in the transition to raw. You must take your time and ease them into it.

Ground beef bone can be an incredible supplement for your dog’s diet. We want you to have as much information as possible, so here’s some food for thought (yes, pun intended).

Better diet, better results. The countdown could go on and on and while we’d love to

Here’s the simple fact, your dog loves to eat as much as you do, and when he or she gives you that

When I made the decision to move to raw dog food diets for Oden and Loki, even