Exercise and diet balance can improve your dog’s energy and vitality

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One of the biggest reasons we created Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food ™ was to help our pups with a variety of ailments that we felt were attributed to the traditional diets we found in stores. Another was to ensure that we were providing a balanced diet that would help with weight management and maintaining an energetic level in their daily routines. With so many dogs throughout the United States today being heavier than perhaps we’d like (according to many vets), we wanted to be sure we took steps to get the right kinds of foods to you to help. But that’s not enough.

Think about yourself, you get out, you walk, you work out, you play, you keep yourself active. Your pup needs the same. We know you know this, but dogs need activity to keep them going. It’s a natural part of what makes them healthy. We know you can’t take four big walks a day, but, getting out there for one good one, I like to take mine at 6am, is essential. Let’s look at some critical factors that you should always keep in mind when it comes to diet and exercise for your pup (some of which is good for how you maintain your home too):

  1. When on your walk, keep the pace moving. It’s more than heart healthy, it actually helps improve their digestion – we can’t say that just feeding them Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food™ is enough because they still have to get out there. Make it at least 15 minutes or more. I like 30 minutes and so do my pups… except when it’s cold. Then, they just stare at me as if to say “seriously?!”
  2. No surprise here, a good walk, or two, burns calories. For you too. Control weight gain and keep your dog’s joints limber, improve stamina, reduce risk of heart issues and onset of arthritis.
  3. We can’t prove it scientifically, but dog do love walks. Every time I say, “want to go out?” they’re ready. Dogs want to burn energy, they love to sniff everything, meet new friends (of all kinds, and that’s good for your social platform too), and in our opinion, just be outside.

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Not every dog is primed for long, energy burning walks. You’ll need to gauge both your dog’s health and age to determine the right amount. But even older pups want to be out there. They’ll let you know.

Ok, so we’ve covered the get out and burn energy section. Let’s talk about how we match a diet to that outdoor time. There’s a wide variety of options out there today. Many traditional diets can often add to problems. If you look at the benefits of a raw diet especially from Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food™, you’ll find a myriad of aspects designed to improve your dog’s vitality. However, it’s not just plug-and-play, fill the dog dish and that’s that. Don’t forget these factors too, we can’t stress them enough:

  1. Even with a highly beneficial raw diet, you can’t just feed your dog a cup-and-a-half and be done with it. Considerations like age, type of dog you have, current weight (and what you and your vet believe to be the ideal weight should be factored into this) all go in to determining what you should feed your pup. We do have a scale for how much to project by weight here.
  2. You should always make sure that your pup’s diet is filled with essential vitamins, minerals, calcium, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. While these elements can come from a variety of sources, Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food ™ uses Chef inspired recipes that balance all the good into a diet that makes sense for your dog’s health and energy. That’s why we don’t call it dog food, we call it Life Food For Dogs.

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