What Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food™ does differently

Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food™ was created with one goal in mind – to help dogs be at their best. Oggi, our co-founder, saw his dog struggling with health problems. As a chef, Oggi knew food can both harm and heal. Using this knowledge, he set out to craft a better dog food option not just to meet the needs of his own dog, but to truly help all dogs live and feel better.

The switch from overly processed dog food made with grains, fillers, and lesser-quality ingredients made a difference in the energy, health and quality of life for Oggi’s dog. We are excited for you to see and experience the difference biologically appropriate formulas made with human-grade ingredients can make for your dog.

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How we set ourselves apart

Our formulas are a result of research. First, we looked at how dogs’ diets over time have changed. Then, we carefully looked at what other dog food companies use in their formulas and the effect those ingredients have on dogs. We used this information to craft a better quality dog food with the goal to improve the health and quality of life of dogs.

At the heart of every recipe is our meat. We only use meat sourced from USDA-certified and inspected plants. We never use 4D quality meats – meaning meat harvested from cows or other animals that have already died, are dying, come from diseased animals, or animals that are down in the field or on the farm. Surprisingly, this grade of meat is not against FDA guidelines and is frequently used by other pet food manufacturers.

Simply put, if we wouldn’t eat it ourselves, we don’t add it to our recipes. After all, we consider our dogs our family. As with any other member of our family, we believe they deserve the best ingredients in their food. We believe your dogs deserve the same.

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