Countdown: Benefits of a raw diet

Better diet, better results. The countdown could go on and on and while we’d love to share every possible benefit with you, we think what’s here is enough to make the point about making the transition to raw. The right diet helps your loved ones thrive. Period. Foods like Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food™ offer amazing, dare we say wonderful, results that we’ve seen and optimized in our own pups. As you research, read, question, contemplate your journey away from kibble and “traditional” dog food, consider how Life Food empowers your dog, and you really, to thrive:

Defenders of Immunity:

Just like us, we’re mammals too, your four-legged family member’s immune system is a deterrent against infection. We think enabling it to be its best is pretty darn important and we have the reduced veterinary bills to prove it. To keep your pup’s immune system in top-shape, steer clear of “traditional” kibble which does very little to enhance the immune system – it’s like you eating a diet of fast food over healthy vegetables and proteins. Nice once and a while, but that’s about it. Your mom was right all those years ago, be sure to thank her now and again.

The smartest thing we can do is focus on balance. Dogs can’t do it themselves. In the wild, like oh say Wolves, canines eat a lot differently because their bodies look for balance the same as our do – and because fresh meat is what they are looking for. When you provide complete, well-balanced raw nutrition, your dog’s immune system can go into optimum drive. A raw, all-natural diet – which by the way is also highly digestible – has a variety of immune enabling ingredients that are important to look for:


Yes, the secret is out, dogs are carnivores. You may not have known this, but it’s true. We kid here. Meat is a critical element in your dog’s diet. It provides protein, easily digested protein, and it serves as an essential building block of health (it’s that descended from Wolves thing). Top-quality meats serve up important fats, vitamins, and minerals all of which are typically lost in processed foods.

Fruits and Vegetables:

Surprise, dogs love fruit and veggies. Mine personally elects to devour cantaloupe and blueberries and the occasional cucumber. We think every dog knows having a variety of fruits and vegetables is essential for taking in vitamins and minerals. When we provide our dogs with uncooked, raw fruits and vegetables, we provide antioxidants, phytonutrients, and critical enzymes. Just like you, dogs need vitamin C, vitamin A, and a host of other vitamins that help their bodies perform to the fullest. Citrus, carrots, and leafy greens can get them there, and, they love them.

OMG, I love that coat!

Your dog wants to be the model of beauty and how they wear their coats says a lot about their fashion sense. No, it doesn’t but if it did, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Keeping a sharp focus, the importance of your pup living his / her best life in their best skin and coat is pretty much everything to us – we’ve been in a place before where that wasn’t the case and it’s what led us to build this brand for you. Raw diets like Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food™ contain a trove of ingredients that empower skin and coat vitality. From top-quality meats to parsley and kale, to succulent blueberries, a healthy raw diet works overtime at building exceptional skin and a luxurious soft coat. Plus, it’s an amazing way to fuel anti-inflammatory and allergy suppression.

It’s better in the end

As much as you love and adore your dog, we won’t fault you for absolutely HATING picking up the purpose of a walk. However, we can tell you, when you feed your pup a highly digestible raw diet like Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food™, you benefit from a diet that is far more absorbed by your dog’s system and that means less to pick-up. The digestive system of your dog is built to take in as many nutrients from the foods he / she eats as possible. “Traditional” kibble, which is full of carbs and fillers – like rice and soy – take far longer to digest (these are really never fully digested actually) leaving your nighttime walking gift a lot larger. That lovely perfume that comes with it in the “traditional” diet, is also something you’ll gleefully notice is absent, or at least far more so, when you serve a raw, protein and nutrient rich diet in the dinner bowl. Yes please.

Keep them vital – no personal trainer needed

While we know this is something that still does not have the support of scads and scads of research, a raw diet like Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food™ removes carbohydrate from a dog’s diet, which also means less calories. It’s a sensitive subject, so we’ve done a lot of reading about how vets at zoos speak on the subject. Oftentimes, this group cites surprise that domestic animal vets have been slow to support the importance of feeding raw food to our four-legged family members. If it works for big cats and other animals in the zoo, what’s the hang-up? Think about it, less calories, less carbs, a realignment of their metabolism and like we said above, a better ability to absorb the vitamins and nutrients they need to have more energy – all of which means they thrive and can get to and maintain ideal body weight. Of course, you still must watch how much you feed your pup, over feeding something good is still bad so make sure you review feeding instructions on our packaging and stick-to-the-plan. Your dog will thank you for it. You may just have some trouble keeping up with him / her when you’re out and about.

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