Fruit & veggies in their diet? It definitely helps.

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As a trained chef, I’m always thinking about balance in what I serve. Humans are omnivores so we take benefit from protein, grains, starch, fiber, and the benefits vegetables and fruits bring to us. I always seek to create the right combinations that deliver flavor AND health benefit wherever I can. When my pups, my family members, were struggling with allergies, stomach issues, and skin conditions, I wanted to find a way to help them. I immediately went to diet and worked with my partner Eric to form what is now Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food Corporation. The principal foundation has been that dogs need an instinctual diet, one that incorporates all the elements an omnivore, which they are too, requires to be healthy and to thrive.

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Many people ask me, “your recipes have blueberries, kale, collard greens, and carrots in them. Did you find that it was absolutely essential to include vegetables? My vet says I shouldn’t feed my dog such ingredients because it’s not important to their diet.” I’m always quick to answer that it’s probably best for each person to decide for themselves, but I see too many benefits to adding in these very important ingredients, and my pups have thrived on it ever since with no more issues, and no big vet bills anymore. Just sayin’.

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Some fruits are important to stay away from but don’t be swayed by your searches that bring you to stories about toxicity. Yes, SOME fruits shouldn’t be fed to dogs. Grapes are an excellent example of a fruit you should stay clear of. But go a little further in your research and you’ll find there’s a host of options that your pup will be safe consuming.

In the raw diet, or any diet your dog eats, protein is the key. But, like my point above about how I approach menus for guests at my restaurants, balance is key. Fruits and vegetables play a very important part in delivering that in what we eat. Your pup is no different. When we add certain fruits and vegetables to their diet, we’re helping keep them on track for everything from weight loss to intestinal health, to support for vision. We need to remember some key points:

  • Vegetables are a great source of alkalinity for your pup. If you feed your dog a pure meat diet, it definitely gives them essential protein, iron, B12, and essential amino acids depending on what kind of meat you choose. But this creates a more acidic body and that can cause your pup to experience inflammation that can also lead to other issues with their health. Fruits, like blueberries and vegetables like kale and collard greens, go a long way toward counterbalancing the acidity. You may not know it, but when we do this, body organs, such as the kidneys, can function are peak levels.
  • In the raw diet, the fruits and vegetables are just that, raw. This means they are not processed and therefore offer up the maximum benefit. Vitamins and minerals are abundant, antioxidants, vitamins A, K, C, potassium, fiber, and folate serve all kinds of good for your pup’s skin, eyes, stomach, everything. But the raw diet is the diet where they benefit from all of this. Remember, big brand kibble is processed. That’s bad. Even though they may have veggies and fruits in their mix, their cooking process essentially kills the benefit, like when you overcook vegetable at home. So, sauté lightly people. You need your benefits too!
  • Surprise, fruits, and vegetables are also a good source of hydration!
  • You’ll notice in our ingredients that the blueberries, collard greens, and kale we utilize in our recipes deliver what’s called Phytonutrients and these babies really help prevent distress in your pup. Everything from digestive support to reduced inflammation to fighting cancer. As we learned about the importance of Phytonutrients, we realized, they play a big role in why Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food can truly help you see results in your pup’s health.
  • Don’t forget about Fiber! We all know that fruits and vegetables are an amazing source of fiber. Like us, dogs need fiber to help improve gut health and a raw diet that incorporates, and broccoli really help.

There’s so much more to discover but you’ll have to take your dog on the raw diet journey to truly see for yourself how much improvement is headed your way. We can’t promise that everything will be perfect but keep this thought in mind, you work hard to avoid processed foods for your health, shouldn’t your dog, your family member, get the same benefit. Raw fruits and vegetables provide a whole host of benefits. See for yourself when you try Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food. It’s Life Food For Dogs!

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