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Ingredients matter

to you and to us.

That is why we never add

anything to our recipes

that we wouldn't eat.
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We're more than

dog food. We're


Discover the difference Brown's

Best Raw Dog Food™ can make

in your dog's life.
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Healthier dogs

are happier dogs.

Eating the right foods made with the

right ingredients means your dog

has more energy and feels better.
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Butcher selected

Chef crafted.

When it comes to feeding your dog,

quality is important. Only farm-fresh

vegetables and hand-carved meats gointo the recipes we create.
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farm-fresh vegetables and love.

Crafted with top-quality meats,

When you care about the health of your family as much as we

do, you know ingredients always matter. It's not just raw dog

food in their bowl. It's love, smart balance, and good energy.Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food™ features ingredientsyou'll find on your own table, because that'swhat you feed family.
man and woman cuddling a golden retriever

They’re not just dogs. They’re family.

We started Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food™ for one simple reason. Our dogs weren’t thriving when eating the options available in stores, and that wasn’t ok with us. We decided to approach our recipes from the perspective of a trained chef, who understands balance and nutrition.

Our approach ensures your dog receives the quality nutrients essential to their well-being. We never add preservatives, chemicals, fillers, or grains to our recipes. Let your pet experience the same happier, healthier lifestyle our dogs do. You’ll be glad you did.

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