Ready to switch to a raw diet? Great. Just don’t rush it.

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As a chef, I always think about what’s best in the foods I serve my guests. I like to think I’m very creative, but I also think I approach my recipes from a place of balance and thoughtfulness when it comes to quality and “good-for-you” ingredients.

It was only fitting that I applied that approach to the raw dog food recipes I developed with my business partner Eric as we started Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food. We were tied of watching our pups, our family members, suffer and learned that diet was playing a big role in that discomfort. We did lots of research to understand the importance of a raw diet for them and were very eager to get them eating foods that would change their dynamic, their energy, their happiness. However, there was also something we noticed in the transition to raw. You must take your time and ease them into it. I won’t say that all dogs need to do this, but I find that a proper transition makes the “end” result better for your pup… and you.

Transitioning to raw, we found, was best over about a two-week period, meaning, don’t go all-in from the first day you open a package of Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food. Instead, follow this simple guide that Eric and I developed using research and guidance from others:

Brown's Best Raw Onboarding Guidelines

Serving tips from a Pro Chef
Even as you make the transition to Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food, keep in mind some additional simple yet important steps.

  1. Don’t just open the bag and serve it. Let the patties sit for 15-20 minutes to get to room temperature. Just like a great cut of meat that you’ve grilled to perfection, you don’t pull it from the heat and serve it. It needs to rest, to let those delectable juices and flavors fully marry together.
  2. Don’t put the patties in the microwave. Yes, I’m a chef, I don’t like microwaves but that’s not why I’m giving this tip here. Microwaving the patties, to get them warmed faster, risks the elimination of the very benefits you’re transitioning to raw for. Please don’t do it.
  3. Try a little drizzle of olive oil, coconut oil or butter. While this isn’t intended to increase the flavor of our patties, we’ve found that our pups, and those of people we have suggested this too, enjoy this experience. We’ve also stirred in low or no salt bone broths on occasion too. I’ll call it a nice little chefs touch at plating.

Lastly, while we doubt very much that any dog that tries Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food will have issue with outright devouring our recipe, if your pup is a little hesitant to try a bite – some pups get very used to what they eat and are reluctant to change – try giving a taste as a treat from your hand. Use the same encouragement that you would for a “cookie” or off your plate. In the end, they’ll be waiting at mealtime for their Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food experience. Mine even know what time breakfast and dinner are… I don’t even need a watch anymore.

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