A word about ingredients from our chef.

The recipes for Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food™ are created with the same care and consideration that I put into the recipes I serve in my restaurant. I believe that food has an impact beyond tasting good. Crafting the correct balance of nutrients feeds the body and spirit. That is why each variety is made with only the best meats and produce. This allows use to make more than dog food. We make LIFE FOOD.

Ground Beef:  An excellent source of protein, selenium, vitamin B-12, zinc, and iron for muscle building and maintenance.

Ground Chicken:  A highly digestible protein containing essential amino acids for healthy growth and body repair.

Organ Meats:  Contains vitamin A & B, essential minerals, and water-soluble vitamins to help vision, growth, reproduction, immune function, and maintenance of healthy epithelial tissue functions.

Ground Bone and Bone Chips:  Along with calcium and phosphorus, these ingredients provide glucosamine and chondroitin for strong, healthy joints and teeth.

Carrots:  Rich with vitamin A and antioxidants to support immunity, healthy eyes, skin, and coat.

Kale:  Packed with vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, beneficial phytonutrients and other nutrients for vision and colon health, liver detoxification, and help fight off infections.

Collard Greens:  An excellent source of phytonutrients and antioxidants to protect the body against cancer and aid in digestion.

Broccoli:  Filled with vitamins and nutrients, including Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and potassium for heart health, bone density, and immune system support.

Parsley:  An anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial to help with symptoms from arthritis and cancer. Also, supports kidney functions, lowers blood pressure, and acts as a diuretic – all while freshening breath.

Blueberries:  Contains vitamin C, fiber & phytonutrients to optimize health and the ability to fight cancer. Packed with antioxidants to reduce the effects of brain aging.

All three varieties of Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food™ are carefully crafted with the same quality of healthful ingredients that you want on your dinner table. We know that what your dog eats impacts how he or she feels and acts. Start your dog’s journey to wellness today.

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