Your dog deserves quality food too!

Here’s the simple fact, your dog loves to eat as much as you do, and when he or she gives you that stare, you know the one… “What exactly is this in my bowl?” You know you’ve served something that isn’t what they want to consume. Listen hard enough and your dog’s mannerisms speak volumes.

Creating great food is simple. It starts with a focus on quality. To a chef that’s everything because it defines the flavors, the experience, and the value that my customers take from visiting my restaurants. This should be no different when it comes to your dog. Yours, like my two, are your family.

I set out to marry my culinary skills to the development of foods that my dogs Magnolia and Theodore could benefit from. It turned out their health depended on it. The way we eat is essentially prioritized on high-quality, nutrient rich, body beneficial ingredients. It shouldn’t be surprising that dogs need to be treated the same. What they eat, as I’ve learned, really does affect all aspects of their life. As my wife and I struggled with the ailments, allergies, and afflictions my two pups suffered through (many of which were food-borne like the little pimples they got on their bodies after eating kibble), I read more and more about raw diets. These started to make sense to me. Eric, my business partner, and I concluded that we had the resources, desire, and experience to build a raw dog food brand where my background could support building raw recipes for dogs that would imbibe the very balance, and nutritional benefits only a chef could provide.

What did I need to put in to end-product though? What would make the difference and leave me feeling I did the best I could do feeding them? First, I connected with my regular butcher to figure out which cuts we could use from the butcher block. We prioritized top-quality meats to be sure our product was made from approved and properly prepared products. Next, I researched virtually every vegetable on the planet to understand the health benefits for dogs. I started to apply my research findings to how I think about the approach to my menus; what are the right ingredients to utilize, what flavors are important, what do we tend to stay away from, etc. To say trial and error was extensive shouldn’t be surprising. For example, parsley has amazing health benefits for dogs, but you really can put too much of a good thing into a dish. I can remember a couple of stares from Maggie and Theo when I’d put the bowl down for them to try; like a child not wanting to eat asparagus, or a food critic when there’s too much truffle oil in the French Fries. Maggie and Theo were telling us, “This one is not quite right.”

I’m happy to report that the work Eric, myself, and our wives put into finding the best solutions and recipes for Brown’s Best Raw Dog Food have been nothing but positive. Maggie and Theo are thriving on our recipes – their allergy and digestive issues are gone. Eric’s pups, Loki, and Oden, who also suffered the same ailments are equally thriving. Theo and Maggie are perfect examples of why raw food is better. Your dog deserves to live its best life. Brown’s Best Raw is Life Food for Dogs. Crafted by a chef, with high-quality, butcher prepared meats and the right balance of vegetables. No truffle oil, Maggie said keep that out.