7-Year-Old Dog With Debilitating Hip Dysplasia

At just 7 years old, Meg was a down and out collie, shepard mix. Watching Meg in so much pain from chronic hip dysplasia, struggling for every step, was almost as painful for her guardian.

Veterinarians didn’t give Meg much hope of healing, rather they suggested the rest of her life would be spent on one drug or another, steroids and little to no fun. She was getting injections in her hips and the Vets suggested an extremely complicated diet. All this time and expense and the outlook would be more of the same for the rest of her life.

Lucky for Meg, her guardian, Conor, had trouble settling with the idea that his beloved Meg would spend the rest of her life in chronic pain and her mobility growing more limited by the day. Not much of a prognosis for a dog who’s supposed to be in the prime of her life, frolicking about, running with Conor and enjoying an occasional bone. He knew he had to search for some way to help his friend.

Conor’s search led him to experiment with feeding her a raw, bio-appropriate dog food and essential oil supplements. He was willing to try anything to bring some sort of relief to Meg.

Within a week of starting Meg on the raw dog food diet and essential oil supplements, Meg had a miracle! She went from walking painfully to running back up the cliffs beside the beach in a single week! A pretty amazing reward for Conor’s dedication to finding a way to heal Meg.

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